In-Situ Learning Centre

The construction of the In-Situ Learning Centre in Tuapa absorbed quite a bit of man hours from the 2-man Denzel Construction team to make sure there is a solid enough foundation to withstand the overall structure of the finished building to withstand the challenges from mother nature as the building is directly facing natures destructive force from the wind and the sea just adjacent to it.

The 12.4metre X 9.5metre$150k building, attached to the Tuapa Community Hall closest to the clifftop, is designed to accommodate all the information of the marine resources from the western reef on the western side of Niue that covers the villages of Mutalau in the far north to Avatele in the deep south with 8 villages in between. Data collected and stored at this learning center will be used as educational material for stakeholders, tourists/visitors and the young generation of Niue. The building is facing the coastal marine area that the Tuapa community had chosen to be a Marine Protected Area extending about one kilometer to the south. This building is a culmination of consultations between the key stakeholders at the policy-making level of management followed by a comprehensive awareness campaign at the start of the project in 2016 – a process that required minute detailed collaborations between the project’s Execution and the Responsible Partners, the communities and the funding agencies to‘enhance the community’s capacity to add or create additional terrestrial and marine areas in Niue for the conservation of biodiversity’. This In-Situ Learning Centre will ensure that all relevant collected information are stored and displayed and the economic returns are going to be determined by the utilizing of those available resources that covers the whole of those villages of the western reef in Niue. It is envisaged that the building will be ready before the peak hurricane season which is from October to April every year. Niue’s last major hit was by Cyclone Heta in 2004. Some 16 years later, one of the largest coral-raised-atoll in the world, with funding assistance from the Global Environmental Facility and the United Nations Development Program, is utilizing those assistance in various ways and means to mitigate the threats and damages of climate change to Niue’s ecological services amongst other things. There is another In-Situ Learning Center to be built with a location yet to be confirmed.

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