Ridge to Reef - Project Title

Application of Ridge to Reef Concept for Biodiversity Conservation and for the Enhancement of Ecosystem Services and Cultural Heritage in Niue.

UNDAF Outcome(s)

UNDAF for the Pacific Sub-region 2013-2017 – Outcome Area 1: Environmental management, climate change and disaster risk management

UNDP Strategic Plan Outcome

Legal and regulatory frameworks, policies and institutions enabled to ensure the conservation, sustainable use, and access and benefit sharing of natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems, in line with international conventions and national legislation.

UNDP Strategic Plan Outputs

Solutions developed at national and sub-national levels for sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystem services, chemicals and waste.

This project was designed to engineer a paradigm shift in the management of marine and terrestrial PAs from a site-centric approach to a holistic “ridge to reef” approach, in the management and protection of natural resources. This approach will range across the entire island and the surrounding reefs, in recognition of the value and vulnerability of the groundwater aquifer which extends right across the entire island. It also recognizes that in a small island such as Niue, the ecosystem is a single continuum and that impacts on the environment and ecosystem services are very difficult, if not impossible, to contain in one location. All land use decisions must consider the potential impacts on the entire environment and while some areas will be selected because of their unique or high value (ecological, social, cultural, economic) for special protection, the project introduces the concept of ecological connectivity on a landscape and seascape basis in Niue. The project also covers the creation of a marine protected area at Beveridge Reef which, while distant from Niue Island, is expected to be confirmed as a source of recruitment of various marine species for Niue’s coral reefs and coastal environment through favorable ocean currents. (Ride to Reef Project Document 2015)


  • May 5, 2021

Niue Ridge to Reef update

Fakalofa lahi atu from Ridge to Reef Niue. While the global pandemic is making and continued to make global headlines, the Ridge to Reef project in Niue has made a

  • December 3, 2020

Huvalu Conservation Area Management Plan endorsed by Cabinet Ministers of the Niue Government.

The Cabinet Ministers of the Niue Government has approved the HuvaluConservation Area Management Plan for Niue’s only terrestrial conservation areaofabout 6000 acres (20%) of Niue’s total land mass on the

  • October 31, 2020

In-Situ Learning Centre

The construction of the In-Situ Learning Centre in Tuapa absorbed quite a bit of man hours from the 2-man Denzel Construction team to make sure there is a solid enough